Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you tax return!

A short update on the build....

Thanks to a generous donation from Uncle Sam, I will be ordering my fabric tomorrow. I have two color patterns that I will choose from:

I am undecided on the pattern I want to use, but I am leaning towards the darker balloon with colored diamonds. The main reason I like the balloon design is because a great man named Dale Cummings used to own a balloon called The Queen of Diamonds (has since been sold).
And here is a picture that captures Dale's personality...

I used to work with Dale when I first started in ballooning. I want my balloon design to make me excited when I inflate it each and every morning. I want it to remind me of the people who helped me get where I am today and to let them know they mean the world to me.....I think I just talked myself into picking the diamond pattern design!

Im still in the process of trying to find the cheapest price for my load tapes, but I believe I will be placing that order within the next few days as well.

Stay tuned for progress pictures in my next posting....

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