Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tested the Frame

I managed to test the frame this weekend. Here are a few pics and videos of the load test and drop test. I loaded the frame with over 800 pounds of sand. I figured if it could handle a few hundred pounds over what I will carry, it should be fine. These weren't the only tests I did, but my phone died before I finished recording all the testing.

Here are the videos I shot of the testing.

Everything worked out great. The frame was straight, there weren't any cracks or broken welds. I am hoping to schedule having the final frame built in the next few weeks. I will post an update when I have it completed.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Random Accomplishments

I am getting closer to being finished but the progress has been slowing down. I am scraping together small amounts of time to make as much progress as I can but things are slow going right now. I have managed to get the carabiner brackets welded onto the frame, began working on the burner mounts and frame and I made some progress on the inflation fan shroud. Here are the photos.

Bracket photos.....

The burner frame modifications.....

Finally, the progress on the inflation fan....