Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ordering Steel Tomorrow

After toying around with many designs (some realistic, some not so realistic), I have finally decided how to approach building the frame. I don't have any pictures worth sharing right now, but the design is going to be very similar to one of the sketches I shared in my last post.

The basic layout is going to be the same with a few minor changes and additions. I will be ordering the mild steel for the prototype tomorrow. Then on to building. Then on to testing.

One final note is that I will not be recording video of the frame being built. There are too many difficulties in trying to get a video of the entire process since a lot will be inside, and a lot will be outside. I don't want to inconvenience the people who are helping me out. BUT, I will be taking a ton of pictures that will go in the time lapse video when I'm done with the balloon.

Another update in a couple weeks. Thanks!

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