Monday, March 4, 2013

A few more cuts

I managed to sneak in a little time to work on the sides of the sofa chair today. I was able to trim the sides to fit as well as cutting the access holes for the 20 gallon tank. I made the holes with a little extra space so I can easily slide out the propane tank when I need to. I also added the mounting brackets to hold the sides to the frame but I forgot to take photos of that...Ill include them in my next update.

I am hoping to keep this momentum going since I am so close to having this project finished. I am planning on working on the leg-rest mechanism and mounting the back of the chair this week or this weekend so I can start the upholstery process. I should have enough money money set aside to have the carabiner brackets, burner brackets and the front foot bar attached to the frame sometime in the next two weeks.

Tasks to complete
1) Create leg rest and protective bar for under my feet (just in case I land forward)
2) Decide on a skid design and attach it to the bottom
3) Create carabiner attachment points on top frame and have them welded on
4) Weld on tank strap brackets and install tank straps
5) Install 5 point harness
6)Build burner attachment blocks and attach to frame
7) Buy fuel line and fire extinguisher
9) Do the upholstery to make it look like a real sofa chair!

Expect another update after the weekend!

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