Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting The Ball Rolling

The last two days have been very productive. I haven't had as much time to work on the balloon (envelope or chair) as I thought I would. That hasn't deterred me from getting done what I can while the opportunity was available. So far I have been able to reassemble 10 gores. I couldn't find my seam folder so I decided to just fold by hand. It slows things down a little bit but I was able to move at a decent pace. Being in the sewing machine for a few hours allowed me to rethink a few design areas on the envelope. The biggest change will be the turning vent design. I felt this was one of the areas I rushed a little too much. When I had it laid out on the floor it was too bunched and didn't look that great. I might try a more simple idea like the design that Lindstrand uses. I only have a few more gores to assemble before I get to the turning vent, so I will be sure to post photos of the design I decide on. For now, here are some of the photos of the reassembly process.

 Putting together the first two gores
 Adding the 4th
Straightening the 10th gore to be sewn in

I have made a little progress on the chair in the last few days as well. As you saw in my last post, was able to get the rough cuts on the foam exterior sorted out. I still needed to cut the area for the tank to slide in and out as well as work on the foam seat bottom.

Installed the tank
 Foam exterior with cutouts for tank
 Complete wrap of foam exterior
Foam seat cushion
 Cutout for access to tank valve
 Pilot view of the tank valve.

So as you see I have been able to get a few things crossed off the list. My weekend is free (surprisingly!) and my goal is to have the envelope sewn back together by Monday morning. I may work on the chair, but the envelope is my first priority so I can get it off the floor. Check back Monday for another update!

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