Sunday, September 25, 2011

Within Reach

Ill keep this one short....

Over the last two days I have manged to sew together all of the gores, and assemble my turning vent. I have one last gore seam till the balloon is closed up (besides the throat and valve of course). I am so close to being finished, I can taste it! Here is a few pictures of what Ive done since the last update.

Outer turning vent cut
 Inner turning vent
Inner and outer turning vent sewn together
 Another view of the turning vent. It is hard to see the outer turning vent from the inner. I am hoping it stays that way when it is inflated!
 A better view of the turning vent edge.
 Bottom edge of the turning vent...
I added the load tape to the valve edge.
 Intersection of the gore tape and valve edge.
 The mass of fabric which is almost a balloon!
 The PFAFF is a beast of a machine and hasn't let me down!

Here is a list of what I have left to complete on the envelope:
1) Close up the last gore seam
2) Sew on the (5) circumferential tapes
3) Cut and tie in parachute lines and turning vent lines.
4) Install the (3) pulleys/rings for the turning vent and parachute lines
5) Install ties for the thermistor wire
6) Install gore ID numbers
7) Sew in the crown ring
8) Sew in Dee Rings at the throat & hook up suspension cables

I estimate I have about 15-20 more hours of work before the envelope is completed. Once that is done, Ill begin on building the lower end. Check back soon...I may have the envelope done by the end of the month!

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