Friday, September 30, 2011

Zipping It Up

Today I installed all 16 stickmen, all 16 Velcro (hook) on the envelope and closed up my last gore seam! It is so close to having its first cold inflation! I was hoping to have it done this weekend, but all my "free time" suddenly disappeared. There is still a chance I could finish it, but it might have to wait till next weekend.

Here's the new list of what is left to do on the envelope:

1) Cut and tie in parachute lines and turning vent lines
2) Install the (3) pulleys/rings for the turning vent and parachute lines
3) Install ties for the thermistor wire and install thermistor wire
4) Install gore ID numbers
5) Sew in the crown ring to the top webbing & tie on crown line
6) Attach suspension cables
7) Purchase 4 steel carabiners
8) Trim any extra loose threads
9) Complete a gore by gore

I actually have 10th thing to do, install my N number. Unfortunately, I have to wait till I have the airworthiness inspection before I can install it...legally.

*Once I complete 1-9 I will do a cold inflation, take a few pictures and then start making the time lapse video for the envelope*

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