Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inspiration from an Oak Barrel

*This post is going to be short because I am having trouble uploading all the pictures right now. Once the photo upload is fixed I will post the second part of this update.*
My first design for a floor was to simply put down plywood under the tank and a small section on the back side of the frame. I cut a short section of board and was actually a little disgusted on how it changed the look of my design. The clean curves of the frame were rudely interrupted by the flatness of the board.

So, I sat down and contemplated other design possibilities. I could use a metal sheet, but I didn't like that look either. It was a little harsh. I knew I wanted this section of the frame to have the character that only wood can bring. Part of my inspiration behind the design I decided on came from an old oak barrel I saw when driving through Napa, California. Something about the curve and the way it was built was interesting to me. Not to mention the shape mimicked the tanks appearance and offered a great deal of protection from all sides. Instead of buying a barrel and trying to make it fit I decided to make my own slightly modified version. The thing to keep in mind is that this design really isn't a floor in the traditional sense, rather it is a way to protect the tank from possible impact from rocks or other objects that could puncture or damage the tank.

Since the general design idea was already in my head, I went to the hardware store and bought some 1x4 boards. These aren't hardwood boards but I don't care because if one gets damaged Ill replace it for under $2. Not to mention it will still provide a great deal of protection to the tank.
To get a better visual of what I was going to build I decided to mock up the pieces. One ratcheting strap on the floor, lining the boards up and voila! My design is done! Kinda...

I tried one last time to upload the rest of the pictures but I am still having troubles. Check back soon for the finished update.

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