Monday, March 5, 2012

A Place To Sit

I've been making progress slowly over the last two weeks unfortunately most of that progress was finding a place to purchase the Chromoly steel for the final frame. I did manage to make a seat frame and mounted the seats to the main part of the frame.

The seat framework made out of 3/4" round tubing

 Lining up the seats on the main part of the frame

Tack welding the framework in place
 Welding on some supporting brackets.
 Rear portion of the vertical support
 Everything in place!
 So I got the seats bolted on and this thing is looking good!

I threw the burner on just to see what it looks like. I will be making my own burner brackets and the burner will be sitting a few inches higher than it is in the photo.
I only have a few more things to complete for the prototype and I am hoping to complete it this weekend. All I have left is a few support brackets, burner mounts, plywood floor and wood skids. Check back in a week for another update. 

Oh, and of course I need to leave you with one last photo....

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