Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom N-number

Although I have more pressing matters to attend to, I cant seem to get my mind off this project. I just got done requesting a custom N-number on the FAA website. Im not sure if I am guaranteed my N-number or not (although it seems that way since it was available?).

In addition to designing the balloon to incorporate Dale Cummings influence in my life, I have decided to reserve registration number N247DV for my balloon. 2-47 is my father's birthday and his name is Dave Veliz (DV). So, N247DV is born! My father has always been supportive in my life, and is one of the reasons I am involved in ballooning today.

Thanks to Mike and Tammie for the tip about 3/4 inch load tape. I tested a piece today and it broke within 25 pounds the 1 inch did.

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