Monday, March 14, 2011

Hectic times...

Sorry to those of you who are checking in on my progress, I haven't done too much. I am in the process of moving into my first house, taking finals in college, and I had a death in the family. Needless to say I've been preoccupied. However, I finally got my fabric in (late thanks to UPS).
If any of you were's what 800 yards of ripstop nylon looks like!
I also got in my spools of thread and bobbins (size 69 black poly). I dont think they are worthy of a picture though.

So, my realistic plan is to start cutting fabric on Wednesday or Thursday (March 16th-17th). I am planning on purchasing a web cam to record the entire process of cutting, fitting and sewing the envelope to produce a time lapse video. I will probably do the same for building the lower end.

Sorry again to those of you who have been checking in. I will have longer and more interesting posts in the near future!

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