Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Slightly different design

So after calculating yardage and prices for the colors I wanted in the original design, 16 diamonds in 8 different colors, I have decided to do 16 diamonds in 4 different colors (Pink, Yellow, Lime and Lt. Blue). This should save me about $350 because of minimum yardage cuts when ordering. So here is my new design which is very similar to the original:
Here is the original:

In a lot of ways I like the new pattern. It seems much more vibrant against the dark fabric. And of course Ill save some money...


  1. dumb question.. does having a darker fabric = less running costs? Afterall, it should absorb more heat, and therefore keep itself "inflated" longer right?

  2. Darker fabric does help produce heat in the envelope through heat absorption. The sun hitting the darker fabric will produce some heat and will result in having to use the burner less often. How much less? That is arguable...