Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nearly Complete Gores & Cutting the Parachute

This week was a fantastic week working on the balloon. I have been able to sew panels the last three days in a row! After having to tweak the tension on our double needle machine, I managed to crank out the remainder of my #3 panels. Unfortunately, I don't have my balloon diagram available at the moment so I cant use the color chart to show how far along I am. Once I get access to my computer again, Ill be sure to post the color chart.

After many seam folds, I have finished sewing together my #1&2 panels (32 of them) and my completed the remainder of my #3-4-5 panels (32 of them). All that is left is to combine my 1-2 panels to the 3-4-5 panels to create my 32 half gores! Next will be the tedious task of sewing the 32 half gores (left and right panels) into 16 gores. I am hoping to have this completed by tomorrow afternoon. More importantly, I will have finished cleaning the remainder of my load tapes and I can start sewing gore panels together.

Today while I was sewing together the balloon and recording the process via webcam my boss began creating a pattern for my parachute. This includes the custom artwork of an inlaid cherry in the center spot (not easy). I can already tell the parachute is going to come out looking fantastic. The color choices and attention to detail are phenomenal. Since I was unable to record myself sewing and her working on the parachute at the same time I had her sister (Debbie) take a lot of pictures for me. Here are just a few of the 40+ pictures she took....

Gayle cutting the center spot for the parachute
 Me calculating yardage
 A few more calculations...
 Discussing seam allowances
 More discussions....
 Creating patterns for the parachute
 Double checking measurements
 Picture of my 3-4-5 panel
 Creating our pattern sheet for the pie parachute
 Match marks and labels
 Cutting out the cherry & leaf
 Marking seam allowances
 This is what the cherry will look like!
 Sewing together parts of the cherry
 Gayle stitching together some of the artwork
 Figuring out how to make two dimensional artwork have depth
 Choosing the fabric color for the leaf
 Ironing out some wrinkles....
 Partially done with the artwork
 More stitching!
 Me separating my panels to sew together
 Laying out the leaf!
 Ariel shot of the center spot
 Getting closer
 Putting the veins on the leaf

I will finish some more sewing tomorrow BUT I will be unable to post an update till July 10th. So expect another update around July 12th!

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