Friday, July 15, 2011

Parachute finished!

 After many hours designing and assembling the is finally done! I am VERY happy with the end result. Gayle did an amazing job designing the center spot.

I have my 32 half gores completed and will be combining my rights and lefts to have a total of 16 gores. The next step will be assembling the first three gores (2 regular, 1 with my turning vent). I am only assembling these first three since I will have to maneuver the fabric around quite a bit to attach all the load tapes and other items for my turning vents.

I am also almost done with my skirt for the balloon. I decided to mix the diamonds up a bit to make the balloon a little more dynamic. All that is left to finish on the skirt is to add the band at the bottom that will contain the metal hoop. Here's a picture of it about half way done.

Once I have the envelope completed (not including pulleys, SS rings etc.) I will begin editing the time lapse video of the envelope build. Stay tuned for another update in another week...

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  1. You're such a romantic! lol A cherry huh? haha that looks amazing!!