Thursday, February 2, 2012


Some of you might remember from one of my earliest posts that my registration number is my dads birthday and his initials. 247DV. is that day.

"The wealth of information you have given me has shaped who I am today. Woodwork, welding and fixing anything with an engine are just a few of the skills you have taught me. You have made me a more self-sufficient person. That self-sufficiency has helped give me the confidence to become a pilot, repairman, college graduate and soon a husband. You have passed on your ability to be an open, honest and loving individual. Your advice is always well thought out and truthful, to the point my friends have gone to you in their time of need. You accept others as your own kin and are not afraid of expressing your appreciation for them in your life. I’m thankful and honored to call you my father. Happy 65th dad."

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