Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday February 18th

I'm scheduled in at the metal shop for this Saturday (February 18th) to have the prototype frame bent into shape. Expect a lot of pictures! I am definitely excited to see this part come together.

The main part of the frame will be bent and welded by family friends Gary and Hans Paulson. They are very talented fabricators and I'm excited to watch them work all this tubing into shape.

After they get done bending and welding the main part of the frame I will take it home and begin installing all the necessary gussets, brackets, plates, hooks and other items that will need to be welded on. There isn't a whole lot to add, but getting everything straight is key.

I will do a few drop tests and load tests once it is built. If everything checks out, I'll order the tubing and send it to the Paulson's shop to build for me.

As long as there aren't any snags, I should have the final frame built by the end of March and possibly have the whole system inspected by then.

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